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Jesse Kelly: Should Women Serve in Infantry?

Marine Vet Jessie Jane Duff Says It Has to Stop Now

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First Lt. Marina Hierl was the first woman to pass the Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course, so physically and mentally demanding that only the best come out on top. Now, she's the first woman in charge of an infantry platoon. Veteran Jesse Kelly has made it clear on Twitter that women just don't have the physical prowess to perform such duty. People have a false notion of what combat infantry is really like. It's not misogynist, it's biological. The standard should never be lowered to fill quotas. Guest host Jessie Jane Duff has a lot to say about this issue she knows well, having spent two decades as a Marine. Jesse and Jessie agree: they are setting women up for failure in the name of political correctness. Originally aired on Cam & Co 08/15/18.