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Holly Sullivan: Gov. Malloy, Am I a Terrorist?

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In a new video, dozens of Americans show Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy the people he has labelled members of a "terrorist organization." A teacher, a mom, a father, a veteran, a doctor, a student, a grandfather, a paramedic, a firefighter, a public safety officer and more all ask Malloy, "Am I a terrorist?" Connecticut Citizens Defense League board member Holly Sullivan says one in fourteen residents is a concealed carry holder. That's over 250,000 people. Are they terrorists? She's a third-generation NRA member and gun owner. As a single mom, having a firearm is her means of self-defense. Holly says the governor's words have backfired. She's talked to many people who are renewing their NRA memberships or joining for the first time. Share the video. Originally aired on Cam & Co 03/12/18.