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Dr. AWR Hawkins: 'Recent' Right of Self-Defense?

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Democrats are alarmed at a proposal to transfer authority for the production of non-military firearms that are already commercially available from the State Department to the Commerce Department. Breitbart News' Dr. AWR Hawkins says it would eliminate the fee that small-production gunsmiths have to pay each year, running $2,000 to $2,500. Why should a small mom and pop speciality gun manufacturer have to pay the same fee as a military arms manufacturer? He responds to a shocking article in the Christian Science Monitor, indicating that the individual right of self-defense only came into existence as of the Heller decision. It's a nonsensical argument against national right to carry reciprocity. Dr. Hawkins says the government does not have rights. Citizens have rights. The government only has the power we allow it to exercise. Originally aired on Cam & Co 01/11/18.