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Dr. AWR Hawkins: California's 'Bullet Control'

Bans on Guns No Longer Main Target

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For California's gun control zealots, "bullet control" has been their major new focus. Laws have been enacted to ban Internet sales and magazines holding more than ten rounds, require licensing for retailers, taxes on bullets and a mandate for microstamping each bullet casing fired, a technology that doesn't exist. Breitbart columnist Dr. AWR Hawkins says the practical effect is that the working poor won't be able to afford ammunition to defend themselves. Democrats claim to represent those with limited resources, but they're leaving them defenseless. He also discusses efforts by Moms Demand Action to stop a bill that would allow Arkansas educators to carry concealed to protect their students in event of an active shooting threat. How can they possibly claim to stand for school security? Originally aired on Cam & Co 09/11/18.