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Dave Kopel: The 1986 Plastic Gun Panic

3D-Printed Gun Scare's Predecessor

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The release of data files used in the creation 3D-printed guns is causing a firestorm of controversy among gun control activists and in mainstream media. They've been described as tailor-made for terrorists and criminals, and an undetectable threat to public safety. The Independence Institute's Dave Kopel notes we've heard this all before - in the mid 80s during the first plastic gun panic. The object of fear then was the Glock 17 pistol, which contains 19 ounces of metal and is easily detected. It served the purposes of gun control activists to use fear rather than facts to further their gun-banning efforts. Dave details the impact on antique and current firearms a proposed law, avoided by a vote of 44 to 47, would have had in the 1980s by requiring a minimum of 8.5 ounces of steel. Its supposed target, the Glock, would have been unaffected. Originally aired on Cam & Co 08/13/18.