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Dave Kopel: Czech Republic Defies EU Gun Control Directive

Lawful Gun Owners Resent Being Targeted in Fight Against Terrorism

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More than 300,000 of the 10 million citizens of the Czech Republic hold firearms licenses. They are pushing back against the EU's 1991 firearms directive. A petition against the directive has the support of the president and prime minister, with over 80,000 signatures so far. Most controversial is a complete ban on civilian ownership of what is called Category A, including semi-automatic firearms that "look like" fully-auto. The Independence Institute's Dave Kopel explains that gun owners deeply resent their rights being taking from them in the name of fighting terrorism. They haven't forgotten that the Nazis disarmed them after invading, nor that the Russians did the same thing after the overthrow of their government. They've brought a case to the European Court of Human Rights, arguing that taking their means of self-defense is a violation of those rights. Originally aired on Cam & Co 09/17/18.