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Cole Leleux: Shopify To Ban Online Firearms Sales

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Ecommerce platform Shopify has changed its policies, effectively shutting down the sale of guns, gun parts and accessories by thousands of retailers who use it for online transactions. New rules include banning the sale of semi-auto firearms with a detachable magazine holding more than ten rounds. Firearms manufacturer Spike's Tactical spent over $100,000 to build its retail portal around Shopify, conducting millions in sales each year in AR-15 rifles and parts. General manager Cole Leleux says after days of asking, he finally got an answer this morning. There is no timeline for the ban, but they'll let him know. They knowingly allowed the retailer to invest in their proprietary system. He's not an attorney, but Spike's Tactical will push back legally if they can and with public pressure if they can't. Social giants are interfering with the free market. Gun owners are no fans of big government, but given no choice, they will pursue regulation of social platforms as public utilities. They are as essential to businesses as electricity. Originally aired on Cam & Co 08/15/18.