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Brandon Morse: Seattle's Soda Tax Rebellion

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Seattle City Council members and health food advocates didn't count on the free market and consumer reaction when they passed the Bloomberg-style Sweetened Beverage Tax. At twenty cents per can, the tax nearly doubles the cost of a typical thirty-six can case, adding $7.56. At RedState, Brandon Morse writes that retailers have not been shy about letting customers know who is responsible for the added cost, also reminding shoppers that sodas are available without the tax at stores outside of city limits. The city is unlikely to realize the projected revenues to subsidize food access programs, education and early-learning initiatives. Nor will they get consumers to stop choosing the sodas they want. Brandon says the most likely effect will be that residents will buy their soda outside of the city. They will also do the rest of their shopping while they are at it. Seattle tried this before with an ammunition tax. It didn't work either. Originally aired on Cam & Co 01/11/18.