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Anthony Colandro: Award for Gun Rights Warrior

New Jersey Gun Laws Coming To Your State Soon

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The Gun For Hire Range in Woodland Park, New Jersey is the recipient of the 2017 NRA-ILA Second Amendment Activist Center of the Year Award. Owner Anthony Colandro, says they aren't just a gun range, they're the tip of the spear of the 2A fight in New Jersey! He has a three-prong approach: make sure regulars at the range are NRA members, be a good ambassador for one-time tourists and persuade those who are on the fence about gun rights. It's even more important to fight in a gun-unfriendly state like New Jersey because it will soon be featured in a state near you. As the executive vice president of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Association, he and they are fighting legal battles against each of Gov. Phil Murphy's new gun control laws. Anthony promises to fight for gun rights every step of the way as they try to take them away. Originally aired on Cam & Co 08/01/18.