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Andrew Langer: Not a Blue Wave, But Perhaps a Ripple

Divided Congress Makes Pro-Gun Legislation Difficult

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It wasn't a blue wave, but perhaps it was a ripple. The Institute for Liberty's Andrew Langer explains that Democrats fared somewhat worse than in the last 21 midterm elections, but still took control of the House. Much has been made of the popular vote, as if the Electoral College and federalism are anti-democratic. We are a republic, not a simple democracy. Anything else would require an amendment to the Constitution, something the states are unlikely to approve. Cam and Andrew work through the races across the country, with expected outcomes, surprises and mixed results for Republicans and Second Amendment supporters. A divided Congress will make pro-gun legislation difficult, but textualist judicial appointments will be a firewall for our rights. Originally aired on Cam & Co 11/07/18.