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Adam Putnam: Protect Gun Rights of All Floridians

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Florida has just over 1.8 million CWL holders, making it number one in the nation for concealed carry. Crime is at a 46-year-low. Republican Adam Putnam represented Florida's 12th congressional district for ten years and is the state's current agriculture commissioner. The NRA member and lifelong gun owner is running for governor. He opposes the gun control law signed into law last week by Gov. Rick Scott, saying that men and women starting out in life are entitled to their constitutional rights. It's time for mainstream media to understand that law-abiding gun owners have nothing to do with the Parkland shooter. He was a walking red flag. Gun owners need to step forward, get involved, and engage in the political process to counter the media narrative that the solution to school safety is banning guns. Originally aired on Cam & Co 03/19/18.