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Tara Reilly Mica: Bloomberg Leaves New Mexico Empty-Handed

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Despite desperate last-minute efforts to achieve some semblance of a legislative victory, despite spending more than a quarter of a million dollars and hiring six lobbyists, Michael Bloomberg has left New Mexico empty-handed. His effort to pass a state law to criminalize private sales and transfers of firearms has failed. Gun owners, sportsmen and the New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association successfully argued that it would infringe Second Amendment rights, waste valuable resources and do nothing to stop criminals. NRA-ILA New Mexico state liaison Tara Reilly Mica says that she has never seen anything like it. The more Bloomberg’s groups narrowed the legislation, the less support they could find for it. Grassroots Second Amendment supporters deeply resented the outside interference in their lives. They made that clear in their 1000-to-1 against phone calls to legislators. Originally aired on Cam & Co 03/20/17.