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Jim Geraghty: It's 'Comey Day' In Washington

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Jim Geraghty is a senior political correspondent for the National Review. Inside the Beltway, it's Comey Day. Bars opened early and offered discounts to customers. In testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, former FBI Director Comey confirmed that he told the president three times that he was not under investigation, but was not willing to make a public statement after the Hillary Clinton investigation fiasco. Jim says that it's an unflattering portrayal of the president, but there's nothing there as grounds for impeachment. It's a new president being clumsy, not conspiratorial. The left is surely disappointed. He also discusses Bernie Sander's comments about evangelical Christianity and fitness for government service. It might be his opinion, but it can't be a religious test for a Trump nominee for OMB. Originally aired on Cam & Co 06/08/17.