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Jessie Jane Duff: Gun-Grabbing Generals Declare Martial Law on Veterans' Second Amendment Rights

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The Veterans Coalition for Common Sense has denounced HR 1181, The Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act. It would forbid reporting records of veterans who have an appointed fiduciary to NICS. Doing so causes them to fail a background check when buying or transferring a firearm, as they are deemed to be mentally defective. Retired Army General David Petraeus called the act "irresponsible and dangerous." Senior fellow Jessie Jane Duff of the London Center for Policy Research says that the term mentally defective is not a medical one. It is an abusive label attached to any service member receiving fiduciary assistance when coming off of active duty. There is no due process, nor any established path of appeal. She calls out General Petraeus for advocating that martial law be declared on the men and woman who have served their country. Originally aired on Cam & Co 03/15/17.