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Dave Kopel: Yes, They Are Coming For Your Guns

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Gun grabbers intone at regular intervals, "No one's coming for your guns." In Hawaii, they are. The state forces gun owners to register their firearms. And they register users of medical marijuana as well. Many of them got a letter this month from the police, telling them they are disqualified from gun ownership. They must surrender their guns, ammo and permits to the police department or transfer ownership to someone else. Research Director Dave Kopel of the Independence Institute says Form 4473 asks if the applicant is an unlawful user of certain drugs. Prescribed medication does not fall into that category, although he suggests federal courts might disagree. He predicts that the issue will appear repeatedly in circuit courts over the next five years. Dave says there are just too many hunters who won't be willing to make an either or decision about their medication and gun rights. Originally aired on Cam & Co 11/30/17.