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CAM & CO • S13 E102 • 7m

Dave Kopel: In Defiance of Heller, Northern Marianas Attempt to Ban Handguns

The House of Representatives of the U.S. commonwealth Northern Mariana islands has passed a bill that reinstates a ban on handguns. It is a partial revival of what is called the "Special Act for Firearms and Enforcement," struck down in a federal court last fall. It allows no one to import, sell, transfer, gift, own or use handguns or "automatic weapons." It is deemed by its author to not infringe on Second Amendment rights by virtue of its tolerance of long guns. Dave Kopel of the Independence Institute says that a local PTA is attempting to appeal the federal court decision, rather than the commonwealth itself. The bill is contingent on the federal court decision being overturned. It is one of many jurisdictions attempting to defy the Heller and McDonald Supreme Court decisions. Originally aired on Cam & Co 05/24/17.