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Chuck Michel: CA DOJ Tries 'Assault Weapons' Regs For Third Time

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The California Department of Justice is trying for the third time to submit proposed regulations for the registration of newly-reclassified "assault weapons." The first two attempts were denied after a point-by-point criticism by the NRA and CRPA. They have been listed as "file and print only," meaning that the public will have no opportunity to comment on them. Chuck Michel says that the newest submission is virtually the same as the first two. They are attempting to circumvent the process and avoid any input from the stakeholders involved. The bullet-button magazine lock semi-auto rifles would simple become "assault weapons" by virtue of the regulations. Chuck says that the bigger picture is that the law itself infringes on the Second Amendment. A series of lawsuits has been filed and will continue to be filed. Originally aired on Cam & Co 07/24/17.