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Chris W. Cox: Expand Gun Rights Before the Window Shuts

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Chris W. Cox is the executive director for the NRA Institute for Legislative Action. At CPAC 2017, he talks about judicial activism that flies in the face of common sense. Since Heller and McDonald, lower courts have been chipping away at those landmark rulings that protect the right to keep and bear arms. This week’s en banc review of Maryland’s Firearm Safety Act was deemed constitutional. It bans rifles with “military-style” features. Chris says that it’s clear that we need to make sure that this window of opportunity doesn’t close. We need to fight to win the expansion of gun rights now. Trump would not have won if NRA members had not mobilized; he needs those gun owners to get in constant contact with their elected representatives, and let them know that they must vote to expand gun rights. On location Cam & Co is sponsored by ADCOR Defense. Originally aired on Cam & Co 02/24/17.