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Mollie Hemingway: Five Flaws in Facebook's Fix to Stop Fake News

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Facebook has announced that it will test limits on the sharing of fake news. The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway says that there are five major problems with the plan. Fake news is a fake narrative being used by the media to explain how Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. Partner Politifact is biased and not credible as a fact checker. Fake news will become "news the fact checker doesn't like." It will only increase mistrust. And censorship is a bad way to solve any problem. Mollie explains that readers are more than capable of telling what is true or false on Facebook, and get their news elsewhere. She says that the real problem is mainstream media. They must understand the mistakes they made during their election reporting. They have to hire reporters that represent the entire country in a meaningful way, and get to know the subjects that they report upon. Originally aired on Cam & Co 12/19/16.