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Joe Torok: Idaho Gun Owners Line Up for Enhanced Concealed Carry Training

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In July, Idaho became a permitless carry state. Adults 21 and over can carry concealed without the need of a county-issued permit. Nonetheless, gun owners are lining up for training to qualify for an enhanced state concealed carry permit so that they may carry in other states with reciprocity agreements. That training includes at least eight hours of classroom study of firearm laws and safety practices, as well as live-fire instruction. Firearms instructor Joe Torok of says that it's not just the enhanced permit; gun owners want that training to be informed, safe and competent shooters. As of December, eight percent of Idaho's population has concealed carry permits, 21 percent of which are enhanced permits. Joe says that it is like any tool – you have to know how to use it when the need arises. Originally aired on Cam & Co 12/19/16.