Gabriella Hoffman: Disabled Gun Owners Should Not Be Disarmed

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In The Washington Times, writer Gabriella Hoffman discusses government efforts to disarm disabled Americans. Bureaucrats view the disabled as being unable to be self-sufficient without government assistance, and housing complexes receiving Section 8 aid view firearms as a safety threat. She details the case of retired police officer Harvey Lembo of Rockland, Maine, confined to a wheelchair. He has been burglarized six times in the last six years. He bought a gun and shot an intruder in self-defense after the suspect broke into his home looking for painkillers. Lembo now faces eviction for owning the firearm. He and the NRA have filed a lawsuit against the action as a violation of state firearms preemption law. In addition, Maine legislators have introduced a bill that would specifically protect the rights of gun owners like Lembo. Originally aired on Cam & Co 03/01/16.