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Dr. Robert Young: Obama Uses Confusion and Concern on Gun Rights

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Dr. Robert Young is a practicing psychiatrist and a spokesman for Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership. He discusses President Obama's use of executive actions for gun control, including a directive to HHS to amend its NICS reporting policies. Dr. Young reports that many patients are confused and concerned about their relationships with their doctors. It does less than it might appear, he says, simply allowing but not requiring those that have the power to commit a patient to an institution to report to the NICS system. It would typically be a psychiatrist, with a patient who is likely an imminent danger to himself or others. This is quite different from the president's move to add names to NICS of Social Security recipients that have a designated payee. There is no examination, due process or established venue of appeal. We must all be concerned about such tactics, he concludes. Originally aired on Cam & Co 01/26/16.