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David Webb: Are New York City Stabbings the Result of Gun Control?

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Knife attacks are up in New York City. In January and February alone, the NYPD responded to 567 knife attacks, 20 percent higher than the same time period in 2014. There seems to be no pattern to the attacks, but Mayor Bill de Blasio has speculated that new gun control laws may be the cause. David Webb, host of “The David Webb Show” on SiriusXM Patriot, says that de Blasio is trying to take credit for a shift, but the real issue is the rise in crime. If criminals see that there is a drop in consequences for their actions, crime will increase. He says that community policing has declined due to a lack of support by the government. It emboldens criminals and causes a disconnect with law-abiding citizens. Originally aired on Cam & Co 03/18/16.