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Catherine Mortensen: Georgia Governor to Announce Decision on Campus Carry Bill

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It has been 39 days since the Georgia legislature passed campus carry legislation. Governor Nathan Deal has neither signed nor vetoed the bill, but has announced that he will make public his decision tomorrow, the last day of the forty-day signing period. Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety has run an extensive ad campaign against the bill. Public records indicate that the majority of public communications to the governor’s office has been in support of campus carry. NRA-ILA media liaison Catherine Mortensen says that House Bill 859 simply allows people that already hold concealed carry permits to carry on public campuses. The same tired arguments against campus carry and even concealed carry itself are being trotted out against the Campus Safety Bill. She urges gun owners to contact the governor’s office in support of campus carry, as well as House Bill 1060, which would protect firearms instructors from liability if a student misuses a firearm. Originally aired on Cam & Co 05/02/16.