Larry Keane: Second Amendment is Not About Sporting Purposes

Exclusive to NRA News Cam & Co on the Sportsman Channel

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Following the BATFE withdrawal of its proposal to reclassify and ban M855 green-tip ammunition, Democrats in Congress have introduced the "Modernize Law Enforcement Protection Act." The sweeping ban would eliminate all centerfire ammunition. Larry Keane, senior vice president and general counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, observes that with so much opposition by congressmen and senators, the bill will go nowhere, but gun control advocates will try at every opportunity. He is concerned about the temporary nature of the BATFE withdrawal, and the agency's misinterpretation of the test set out by Congress for the sporting use exemption. He concludes that in a post Heller and McDonald world, there should be no need for a sporting purposes exemption, and current law should be amended to eliminate it, and its possible abuse. Originally aired on the Sportsman Channel 03/18/15.