Crayle Vanest: Campus Carry to Stop Sexual Assaults

Exclusive to NRA News Cam & Co on the Sportsman Channel

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Reports of sexual assaults on college campuses are much in the news, and some universities have adopted policies that bypass law enforcement. Second Amendment advocates are calling for an end to the college "gun-free zones," and allowing self-defense by Campus Carry. Crayle Vanest is the Midwest Regional Director at Students for Concealed Carry. She attends Indiana University, where she cannot carry concealed. She notes that many students move in and out of campus grounds, limiting their ability to carry off-campus as well. She explains that students who have carry licenses are mature, responsible gun owners able to defend themselves off-campus, but are disarmed and vulnerable once they enter the "gun-free zone."Originally aired on the Sportsman Channel 02/20/15.