CA Public Safety Committee to Hear Several Gun Bills

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The California Assembly Public Safety Committee will hear several anti-gun bills and one pro-gun bill tomorrow. Cam Edwards speaks with Ed Worley, NRA-ILA California State Liaison about the following:

Senate Bill 427: ammunition sales registration extension legislation that would force licensed state ammunition retailers to obtain a special local license to operate in municipalities.

Senate Bill 798: air gun, airsoft and BB gun sales ban legislation that would treat air guns and BB guns the same as a toy gun by requiring they be colors such as pink, purple, orange, etc.

Senate Bill 819: further background check fund raid legislation that would allow Dealer Record of Sales (DROS) funds to go to the Department of Justice to help pay for the enforcement of California firearm possession laws.

Senate Bill 610: pro-gun CCW statewide reform legislationthat would mandate that concealed carry license applicants would NOT have to pay liability insurance and would also amend the current sequence for processing the concealed carry application.