CA Long Gun Registry, Lead Ammo Ban & Hunting Bills

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NRA California State Liaison Ed Worley provides an update on three important firearms assembly bills in the Golden State:

AB 1810 – The proposed Long Gun Registration Bill has been assigned to the suspense file by the Appropriations Committee. Worley explains this does not mean the end, but that the estimated half-million dollar start-up cost has deterred the progress of this anti-gun legislation for now.

AB 2223 – The Lead Ammunition Ban Bill that would outlaw the use of lead shot in state-run wildlife management areas was pulled at the last minute from the committee hearing today and will probably be heard next week. Worley encourages gun owners to contact their legislators and ask that they vote against this bill.

AB 2427 – A bill proposed by Assemblyman Bill Berryhill would amend the state fish and game code to protect the tradition of hunting for future generations in California.