BATFE Claims 70% of Guns in Mexico Came From U.S.

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In an article titled "Mexican Guns Tied to U.S.," The Wall Street Journal cites a BATFE (or ATF) trace that showed 70% of guns recovered in Mexico were traced back to the United States. This new myth is as false as the 90% figure that BATFE and the media pushed before since there was gross sampling bias in the BATFE report: only guns with legible serial numbers were traced. Moreover, that 70% did not necessarily go to Mexico illegally, some guns that "originate" in the U.S. were supplied to the Mexican military, and more allegedly "walked" across the border during BATFE operation "Fast & Furious." Cam Edwards speaks with Howard Nemerov of Pajamas Media about these discrepancies. Originally aired 6/10/2011.