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Ashe Schow: New Jersey Prosecutor Throws the Book at Shaneen Allen

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Ashe Schow is a commentary editor for the Washington Examiner. She has written about former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and Philadelphia gun owner Shaneen Allen in "New Jersey Prosecutor Who Let Ray Rice Off the Hook is Throwing the Book at a Young Mother of Two." After Rice assaulted his future wife in a New Jersey casino, he was permitted to enter a diversion program to avoid trial, jail time, or a criminal record. Pennsylvanian Shaneen Allen accidentally violated New Jersey gun laws when she drove into the state with her legally owned and permitted firearm. Although she was accepted into the same diversion program as Ray Rice, she was denied the opportunity by the prosecutor, and must stand trial, facing a more than three-year mandatory minimum sentence if convicted. The cases of both Ray Rice and Shaneen Allen have been handled by the same prosecutor, Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain. Schow discusses the disparity in justice in the treatment of the two cases. Originally aired on NRA News Cam & Co 9/09/14.