Drill 3 with Chris Costa

Colion Noir attempts a third drill with Chris Costa.

Success is often measured against the status quo, but achievement is knowing you worked hard and realized a goal as the best version of yourself. In the season's fourth episode of NOIR, "Achievement," Colion Noir continues his conversation with Morgan Wade and JJ Racaza, heads out to the fields to shoot clays with Morgan Wade, accepts a new range drill challenge from Chris Costa and revives an early NOIR favorite with the next generation of the NOIR challenge.

"To the naked eye, long range shooting seems so simple. Get your gun down, line up the sights, pull the trigger and boom, hit the target. But to the people who do it and are good at it, they understand the complexities of what it takes to hit a target at 800 yards. They know what it requires to make adjustments for windage and elevation. I'm aware of all these things, but I don't fully understand them, and I want to."

Colion Noir

"I aspire to be one of those guys who get the satisfaction of waiting several seconds to hear the sound of their shot making contact with the steel plate 700 yards away. This is my goal and I've started taking measures to increase my long rang knowledge. But until then, I'm going to keep plucking away at my 200-yard target and I'm going to the same thing I did when I first got into guns in general—take it step by step and enjoy the process along the way."

Colion Noir



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