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I Am Forever


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American culture is at a crisis point. For a people to be self-governed, they must first govern themselves. If freedom demands responsibility, what hope for freedom is there in a country where …

  • 50 percent of its citizens admit they can't name their neighbors.
  • A third of 6-11-year-olds are obese.
  • Diet books are best-sellers.
  • Nearly half don't vote in presidential elections.
  • 36 percent can't name the three branches of their own government.
  • 41 percent can't name the vice president.

Enter Kristy Titus. She's concerned about the future of this country … and having spent nearly her whole life in and around the backcountry, she knows it's the place where the American character is best understood.

She's bringing two other women and a cadre of backcountry experts on a three-night, four-day, 25-mile trek through the Cascade Mountains to rediscover the American values critical to sustaining freedom for generations to come.

Season 2