Lt. Col. Oliver North Responds to Latest North Korean Missile Test

NRATV Frontlines host Lt. Col. Oliver North responds to this week's missile test by North Korea that flew over Japan. He says that it's time to convince China that the U.S. is serious about a military response. South Korea and Japan need the full sweep of THAAD missiles. Hospital ships, tankers and another carrier battle group would send a clear message to Chinese President Xi Jinping. He warns that President Trump is not blustering as did his predecessors in office. Lt. Col. North also talks about the "Cajun Navy," volunteers in duck boats coming to the aid of their fellow Texans, victims of Hurricane Harvey. Originally aired on Cam & Co 08/30/17.

Wednesday: LtCol Oliver North, NRATV Frontlines; Chuck Michel, Michel and Associates; Todd Sarotte, Van's Sporting Goods; Jesse Kelly, The Resurgent; Jeff Sanford, Shiloh Shooting Range; Dr. AWR Hawkins, Breitbart News; Stephen Kruiser, PJ Media.




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