Lars Dalseide: Constitutional Carry Moves Forward in Four States

Constitutional or permitless carry legislation continues to move forward in states across the country. NRA-ILA media liaison Lars Dalseide is working with state liaisons in Kentucky and South Dakota. The legislation allows persons who may legally carry to do so in the manner in which they choose: openly in a holster or concealed. The permit system remains intact to allow gun owners to take advantage of reciprocity agreements with other states. He urges gun owners to reach out to Kentucky state senators and South Dakota representatives and ask them to support the bills. Originally aired on Cam & Co 02/02/17.

Thursday: Jim Geraghty, National Review; Dave Kopel, Independence Institute; Jason Brown, NRA GO Media Liaison; John Cardillo, The John Cardillo Show; Lars Dalseide, NRA-ILA; Kurt Schlichter, Townhall.




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