Kurt Schlichter: The Contagion of Violence

Kurt Schlichter is the senior columnist for Townhall. He and his law firm, Schlichter & Shonack, have won a tremendous victory for Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro. The suit against him brought by Mohammed Mohammed, father of Ahmed "Clock Boy" Mohammed, has been dismissed. Shapiro has been awarded his attorneys' fees as well. Kurt goes on to talk about the organized rioting that took place at UC Berkeley. He says that the left wants a monopoly on speech, and it has shown that it is willing to use violence to get it. He warns them that this approach will not go the way that they expect. The toughest will prevail, and they are not the toughest. The contagion of violence will spread. Originally aired on Cam & Co 02/02/17.

Thursday: Jim Geraghty, National Review; Dave Kopel, Independence Institute; Jason Brown, NRA GO Media Liaison; John Cardillo, The John Cardillo Show; Lars Dalseide, NRA-ILA; Kurt Schlichter, Townhall.




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