Chuck Michel: California Concealed Carry in Jeopardy?

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will rehear en banc the appeal of the decision in Peruta v. San Diego County during the week of June 15. Chuck Michel, senior partner of Michel and Associates, updates the important Second Amendment case that will affect millions of gun owners in California and other states. He reports that the sheriffs in both San Diego and Orange County appear to have reversed their policies of accepting concealed carry applications on the basis of self-defense, returning to the prior positions that necessitated the Peruta lawsuit. Originally aired on NRA News Cam & Co 04/15/15.

WEDNESDAY: Tabitha Hale, Rare; Heather Marchese, One Million Moms Against Gun Control; Lt. Colonel Oliver North, NRA Board Member; Jonathan Hoenig, Capitalist Pig; Christian Toto, HollywoodInToto.com; Chuck Michel, Michel and Associates.




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