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Phil Schreier


Phil Schreier has been at the NRA Museums for more than 21 years. In his capacity as Senior Curator, he spends lots of time on the road bringing the museum's programs and exhibits to a national audience. Schreier appears regularly on NRATV, American Rifleman TV, History Channel, A&E and other shows with firearms-related programming. He has written dozens of articles on firearms and military-related themes and, in 2003, was designated NRA's first accredited war correspondent since World War II and spent 30 days in Iraq with the 101st Division. He visited Afghanistan in 2009 with the 1st MEB. Schreier collects, shoots and hunts with Winchester Model 1895 rifles, favoring Theodore Roosevelt's "Big Medicine for Lions." His favorite gun in the museum is a Joseph Manton fowler made and used by HRH Frederick Augustus, the Duke of York, in the early 1800s.