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Kimberly Corban


Under a cover of darkness, a man stalked and broke into Kimberly Corban's college apartment in the early morning hours. When he came upon the 20-year-old woman asleep in her bed, he covered her face and attacked.

But he never imagined he had just awakened a survivor. Today, Kimberly is now a staunch Second Amendment and women's advocate. Her story of survival gained national attention after she faced off with then President Barack Obama during a CNN Town Hall, challenging him to explain why she shouldn't be allowed to defend her kids the way she sees fit as a mother. Kimberly furthers this mission on her new NRATV show, Empower the People, where she proves just how relevant and effective advanced training can be for normal gun owners like her.

Kimberly now tours the country speaking to campuses and organizations about sexual assault education and victim advocacy.

Watch Kimberly Corban on NRATV's Empower the People. Episodes are out now!