The Truth About NICS Fix & the Concealed Carry Act

Help fight the lies about the Concealed Carry Act of 2017 and NICS Fix bill. SHARE this important message.

"As you can imagine, those on the left are trying to divide us in an effort to scuttle National Concealed Carry Reciprocity. We cannot let that happen…Congressmen are being duped into regurgitating inaccurate and bogus talking points. One claim was that the NICS Fix bill includes Obama-style gun control measures. Let me make this perfectly clear: it does not. I have spoken to pro-gun experts and our friends inside the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action. People like Chris Cox who have made it their mission to fight to expand and protect gun rights. They all say, there is no change in the definitions of who goes into the NICS system. No change… Don’t fall for bad talking points driven by those who seek to divide us. We must unite, and we must fight!" –Grant Stinchfield.


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