NRATV Proves CNN's Alisyn Camerota Lied to Dana Loesch On Air

"So Alisyn Camerota, here's my message to you. You want to lie straight to the American people? NRATV will be here to call you out … Because NRA members, freedom-loving Americans, gun owners across this country are tired of CNN and it's lies and its deceptive media practices. To do what? Try to destroy the Second Amendment and now the goal is to try to destroy the NRA simply to take a straight run to try and destroy all of us. We are not gonna let that happen … We proved, Alisyn Camerota, that you allowed people to call NRA members and the NRA child murderers. It's unacceptable. So hear me, and hear me loud, we are on to you and we will be calling you out every step of the way." —Grant Stinchfield


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