Dave Kopel: Pelosi Fails Fact Check on National Reciprocity

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tweeted bullet points against the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act conveniently provided by Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety. "Inviting violent criminals to carry concealed weapons doesn’t save lives. Inviting domestic abusers to carry concealed weapons doesn’t save lives. Inviting convicted stalkers to carry concealed weapons doesn’t save lives. Yet the @HouseGOP just voted to do exactly that.” The Washington Post awarded Pelosi three Pinocchios for the lies. Research Director Dave Kopel of the Independence Institute says the holdout states on Shall Issue right to carry brought this on themselves. If New Jersey had allowed some recognition of out-of-state permits and got rid of the harsh law that imprisoned Shaneen Allen, it wouldn't have been necessary. Dave praises the Post for getting it right, pointing out that no prohibited person would ever be able to get a concealed carry permit to carry in their own state, let alone anywhere else. Originally aired on Cam & Co 12/12/17.


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