Dave Kopel: Mass Killings in 'Gun-Free' Countries

Writing at The Hill, Research Director Dave Kopel of the Independence Institute describes a gun control regime that fulfills the wish list of nearly any gun control activist. It includes government licensing, age restrictions, fees, meticulous record keeping of sales, restrictions on advertising, multiple level of certification, FBI approval, safe storage, lifetime prohibitions on ownership for even the smallest crimes, a virtual ban on assault rifles and severe fines and time behind bars for failure to comply. Then states should be able to add their own layers of laws as well. As Dave points out, this gun control regime is current federal law. People don't understand how strict gun control laws already are. He also discusses mass shootings in so-called "gun-free" countries. Writers forget that the largest mass killings are at the hands of rogue governments. Originally aired on Cam & Co 11/09/17.


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