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We Stand | 05/22/2018

The Left is Finally Telling the Truth

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The left is finally telling the truth—they want to take your guns. Bongino breaks down Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell's plans for a gun "buy back" program – and by "buy back" he means, give us the guns or we'll send the police to your house. Guns aren't the only thing the left wants to forcibly take away from the American people. Bongino goes over their plans to take away your votes, by impeaching President Trump. And the violent rhetoric of the left is on full display across America's college campuses. Bongino gives Cal State East Bay Assistant Professor Monique Manopoulos a very special Canky for hanging a sign on her office door that calls Republicans "heartless a**holes." As a reminder, a Canky is an award for the worst people of the week, named after Cenk "Cank" Uygur, leader of The Young Turks.