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We Stand | 04/11/2018

We Stand on NRATV

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Antifa riots at universities. Kneeling during our National Anthem. Obscene art in public places. From universities, to sports, to art, Dan Bongino breaks down how liberals ruin everything. But he doesn't stop there. Up next, Bongino pits liberals against liberals as he calls out progressive hypocrisy over candidates using Facebook data—it's ok for Democrats, but it's an outrage for President Trump to have done the same. And just when you thought it was finished, Bongino takes on the FBI's misplaced priorities, and hits back at those having a hissy fit over Meghan McCain posting a picture of herself at a gun range. All this and more on We Stand, with Dan Bongino. We Stand with Dan Bongino airs on NRATV Monday through Friday at 5:30 p.m. Eastern.