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We Stand | 04/09/2018

We Stand on NRATV

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Dan breaks down the most important and talked about issues of the day in today's edition of We Stand. One of his favorite segments is "Liberals vs. Liberals." Today's topic calls out those folks criticizing President Trump's move to bring the National Guard to the southern border. Where was the outrage when President Obama did the very same thing? Social media sites like Facebook are doing their best to censor conservative ideas, by going as far as calling them dangerous. CRTV's Rob Eno joins the show to talk about his experiences with censorship, and gives his own thoughts on the immigration issues going on. Finally, leaders in London are calling for "knife control." Dan discusses why this opens the door to a whole lot more "control." We Stand with Dan Bongino airs on NRATV Monday through Friday at 5:30 p.m. Eastern.