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Rap-Star Common's Oscar Hypocrisy

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Dan Bongino welcomes NRATV viewers to his new program, We Stand. Dan's show is a mix of headlines and commentary that appeal to any true patriot. Dan's first show digs into the conceit of the liberal elite who are focused on diminishing the power of your vote. Dan explains the progressives' new push to redefine the Electoral College. Bongino's first guest is a familiar face. Grant Stinchfield joins Dan to discuss comments from actor/rapper, Common, during last night's Oscars ceremony. Common called out the NRA during Hollywood's ultimate awards ceremony. Bongino noted that Common appeared in John Wick 2. The film has been noted for its extreme violence and its depiction of more than 120 killings. Still, Common has a problem with responsible gun owners who lawfully carry firearms. We Stand with Dan Bongino airs on NRATV Monday through Friday at 5:30pm Eastern.