A Time For Warriors: Wayne LaPierre Announces Lt. Colonel Oliver North As Next NRA President

The Strongest NRA Leadership Team in History

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These are dangerous and challenging times for the Second Amendment.

We face an enemy that is willing to spend whatever it takes to drown out our voice and disgrace the name of our great association and our members.

They don't just want to ban every semi-automatic firearm in America ... they want to repeal the Second Amendment once and for all.

For any other organization, these challenges would be too much to face.

But the NRA has fought through times like these before—and we know how to win.

Back in the '90s, Bill Clinton waged war on gun owners and the Second Amendment ... he banned entire classes of semi-automatic firearms and thought he had us on the run.

But NRA members and Charlton Heston fought back with a principled fury that rallied the entire nation.

We taught Bill Clinton a lesson that both his wife and Barack Obama would have been wise to follow: Don't mess with the National Rifle Association of America.

No organization has a more proven track record of doing what it takes to win in the toughest times than the NRA.

And this is a time for warriors.

In times like these, we don't shrink and we don't run.

We ready ourselves for battle ... and get stronger than ever before.

This time is no exception.

I am proud to announce LtCol Oliver North as the next president of the National Rifle Association of America.

I can think of no one better to serve in this critical position.

Oliver North is a legendary warrior for American freedom, a gifted communicator and a skilled leader.

He's an unflinching, unapologetic defender of Second Amendment freedom who has earned the enduring respect and admiration of our members.

And he strikes genuine fear into the freedom-hating political elites who so desperately wish for a weakened NRA.

He understands what all the so-called Washington and media experts still don't: that the strength of this organization will always and forever come from our nearly 6 million members.

They can outspend us a thousand to one ...

They can have every talk show, every celebrity and every elitist college professor in the country ...

But they will never, ever, convince the American people to give up their freedom.

So to you, the almost 6 million members of the National Rifle Association of America ... it has been the honor of my life to serve you for all these year. And we’re not done yet.

I am proud to report that we have never been stronger, never been more energized, and never been more equipped with strong, courageous and battle-proven leaders.

And to all those who dream of stealing the freedom of every law-abiding American ... you'd be wise to take a lesson from Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and every other political retiree who picked the wrong fight with the wrong people.

We're the toughest defender of individual freedom this country's ever seen ... and we are, now and forever, freedom's safest place.

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