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Ed McGivern's Single-Action Revolver

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From a youthful interest in firearms, Ed McGivern developed an uncanny skill in combining speed with accuracy in handgun shooting. He was endowed with unusually keen vision, and his reflexes rivaled those of a cat. Although small in stature and with proportionally small hands, these physical features posed no handicap. He reached his peak performance after age 50 and was able to accomplish feats with firearms that have never been equaled. Not only did he use stationary targets, but a wide variety of aerial targets ranging from quarter-sized lead discs to clay shotgun targets thrown singly or in multiples. He could hit a tin can thrown in the air six times before it struck the ground, and he was also known to cut tossed circular cards edgewise while they were still in flight. His accomplishments were recorded by electrical timing devices and authenticated by many reliable witnesses. Ed McGivern's Single-Action Revolver can be found in Gallery 12, For the Fun of It, at the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia.

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