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Stinchfield | 05/06/2019

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The media's obsession with attacking Trump has gone to a new level, now fear mongering that the President will ignore the rule of law and not give up power if he doesn't win the 2020 election. Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center joins Grant to call out the media and the left for their latest attacks on the President. Capitol Hill reporter for The Daily Caller Henry Rodgers joins Grant to discuss the disarmament primary and Senator Cory Booker's attacks on the NRA and gun owners. Illegal border crossing numbers are nearing an all-time high. Vice President of the Border Patrol Council Art Del Cueto joins Grant to discuss the ongoing issues at the border, and the illegal guns and drugs that are being smuggled through areas with no wall or security. Venezuela is the sad reality of what happens when citizens don't have the right to own a gun and all the firearms are in the hands of the government. Steve Bucci of the Heritage Foundation joins Grant to discuss.