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Stinchfield | 04/19/2019

Secure Our Schools

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A bill that would allow teachers to train and carry a firearm in school passed the Indiana State Senate this week. Rep. Jim Lucas was the author of the bill and joins Grant to discuss the importance of the bill and the need for school security. Vice President for the Border Patrol Council Art Del Cueto joins Grant to discuss the ongoing issues on the border and the high numbers of sex trafficking over the last few months. David Campbell is a county board member for Effingham, Illinois which was the first county to offer up themselves as a sanctuary for gun owners. He joins the program to talk about more and more counties fighting back against unconstitutional gun laws. ​Florida State Senate in favor of allowing teachers to be armed if they undergo training and the local school board allows it. Polk County Florida Sheriff Grady Judd joins Grant to discuss the news on school security.